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 * [[https://wiki.sagemath.org/days100| Sage Days 100 -- Geometry and dynamics of surfaces June or July 2019, MPI Bonn Germany]]
 * [[days101|Sage-GAP Days 101]]: (June 17-21 2019, Cernay, France) Sage GAP developers days on packaging, portability, interfaces and documentation tools
 * [[days102|Sage Days 102 - University of Ibadan]]: (July 15-19, 2019, Ibadan, Nigeria) Sage Days Nigeria
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Sage Days are gatherings of people interested in SageMath, from newcomers to contributors. Sage Days are organized by a wide range of people around the globe.

Upcoming Workshops

General Information

Past Workshops

Bug Days

Doc Days

Review Days

Education Days

Non-SageDays workshops/events that involved/impacted Sage

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