Sage Days 7: Combinatorics

``Come stay up with us...''

Speakers & Schedule

The schedule is here.

Dates & Location

SD7 will be held Feb. 5-9, 2008. The conference is being hosted and funded by IPAM, at UCLA.


Sage is free and open-source software that supports research and teaching throughout mathematics. Both the Sage development model and the technology itself are distinguished by a strong emphasis on openness, community, cooperation, and collaboration: Sage is about building the car, not reinventing the wheel. Sage is several hundred thousand lines of new code that uses standard open source libraries and programs (such as GAP, Maxima, Singular, PARI, and Python) and more specialized libraries to create a unified and powerful open source mathematical software system.

Sage has recently had two major improvements with regards to combinatorics. First, Robert Miller and Emily Kirkman have used NetworkX to provide a huge amount of graph theory functionality in Sage, much more than is provided by NetworkX itself. In addition, Robert made the first open-source graph isomorphism checker, based on the same ideas as Nauty (which is currently available both independently and in MAGMA). Second, Mike Hansen has created a huge framework for working with combinatorics in Sage, with well over 30,000 lines of new code, including an extensive interface to Symmetrica.

The structure of the workshop is as follows: there will be two days of lectures followed by three days of intense working sessions. This will consist mostly of groups working to implement new functionality in Sage, or discussing design decisions for new features. If you are interested, we would be excited to have you stay and be involved in the coding sprints, but you shouldn't feel obliged to do so. (Based on past experience, we expect that roughly half the participants will stay for the whole conference.)


If you would like to register for the conference, please fill out the IPAM registration form, even if you are not applying for funding. (If you came to SD3, when you begin the registration process, it will ask you for your "reference code" ... send us an email at [email protected] and we'll get right back to you with it.)

The funding application deadline has already passed.

Hotel Info

Hotel info is here.

Ground transportation



As mentioned in the invitation letters, we'd like participants to contribute ideas to the wishlist of things you'd like to see in Sage.


Miscellaneous Artwork

Right now, just some images I've (Robert M) got lying around, produced using Sage. Maybe for the t-shirts or something...

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