Sage Days 53: Computational Number Theory, Geometry, and Physics

Our primary goal at this workshop is to implement the computation of zeta functions of toric varieties, hypersurfaces, and complete intersections, which would vastly extend Sage’s zeta function computing capabilities beyond curves. A second goal for the workshop is to extend cohomology computations from toric line bundles to hypercohomology of complexes of (sums of) toric line bundles. For this, we want to extend the sparse matrix capabilities in Sage and combine it with CHomP’s discrete morse complex implementation.



See here for the schedule, as well as slides and Sage worksheet demos from the talks.


See here for the coding sprint projects.



See the list of participants.

Arrival Information

All participants will be staying at Somerville College, which is about 100m south on Woodstock Road from the Mathematical Institute.


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