Sage Education Days 4

The fourth Sage Education Days will be held in conjunction with Sage Days 41, at the University of Washington in Seattle, June 13-15, 2012.

Funded by the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education.






June 13

9:30 AM


Welcome, Introductions, Part 1, Introductions, Part 2

Test-Site, Reed College (30 minutes)

Rao Potluri

Slides (PDF) Video

SALG Survey Roundtable (15 minutes)

Susan Lynds

Site, Instrument: 27688, Video, Invitation, Directions

4:00 PM

Status Reports

Wednesday Survey Video


June 14

9:00 AM

Test-Site, Stephen F Austin State U (60 minutes)

Jane Long, Tom Judson

PDF Presentation Jane's PDF Presentation Video, Part 1; Video, Part 2

Sage in Korea : Present and Future (20 minutes)

Hee-Dong Yoon, Sang-Gu Lee

Video for all Korea talks

Sage/Mobile: Sage Tools and Contents (20 minutes)

Kyung-Won Kim, Sang-Gu Lee

Use of Sage in Teaching Linear Algebra (20 minutes)

Sang-Gu Lee

PDF Presentation

Sage Single Cell Server (20 minutes)

Jason Grout, Ira Hanson, Steven Johnson

Introduction, Video for Introduction and Interact Database, Video for next generation discussion

Interact Database (20 minutes)

Byron Varberg

Video for Introduction and Interact Database (Byron's talk starts at 14:00)

~2:00 PM

Question Session

Rob Beezer, et al

4:00 PM

Status Reports

Thursday Survey


June 15

9:30 AM

Sage + WeBWorK

John Travis, et al

Powerpoint Presentation, Video: part 1, part 2

Test-Site, Northern Iowa University (30 min)

Theron Hitchman

PDF Presentation, Video

Test-Site, Cal State, Dominguez Hills (30 min)

Wai Yan Pong

csudh math server, csudh sagenb server Video

Generalized Interacts (10 min)

Gwyn Whieldon


Worksheets and Textbooks via XML (20 min)

Rob Beezer


~2:00 PM


~3:00 PM

UTMOST Test-Site Meeting

4:00 PM

Status Reports

Video, Final Survey


Mailing Lists



To register, please add yourself alphabetically by last name. You need to request a Trac account to be able to login to the wiki - you can do that by following the instructions at the top of the page located here. As a last resort, email Rob Beezer at [email protected] and he'll add your name (please include a relevant web link, if available).

  1. Jason Aubrey (University of Missouri)

  2. Barry Balof (Whitman College)

  3. Rob Beezer (University of Puget Sound)

  4. Brad Burkman (Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts)

  5. Bruce Cohen (Lowell High School, San Francisco)

  6. Sergey Fomel (The University of Texas at Austin)

  7. Jason Grout (Drake University)

  8. Malcolm Harper (Champlain College Saint Lambert)
  9. TJ Hitchman (University of Northern Iowa)

  10. Edgar Jasso (North Seattle Community College)

  11. Tom Judson (Stephen F Austin State University, Texas)

  12. Kiran Kedlaya (University of California, San Diego)

  13. Kyung-Won Kim [email protected] (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

  14. Sang-Gu Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

  15. Jane Long (Stephen F Austin State University, Texas)

  16. Susan Lynds (University of Colorado)
  17. Manouchehr Misaghian (Prairie View A & M University, Texas)

  18. David Perkinson (Reed College)

  19. Rao Potluri (Reed College)

  20. William Stein (University of Washington)

  21. John Travis (Mississippi College)

  22. Gwyn Whieldon (Hood College)

  23. Hee-Dong Yoon [email protected] (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

  24. Wai Yan Pong (California State University Dominguez Hills)


We only have enough funding for participants from the test sites for the NSF UTMOST project and for a few "outside" speakers. The concurrent Sage Days 41 workshop has ample funding for those interested in working all week on projects related to the notebook. However, anyone with an interest in the use of Sage in educational settings is welcome, and encouraged to attend.

Important: Lodging

There is limited availability of hotel rooms in the area close to campus. You will want to make your own arrangements immediately for a room, since we have been unable to reserve a block at any one hotel. Suggestions are available at the travel page.

Blog Roll

Tom Judson





Sage Days typically allow a great deal of unstructured time to work on projects, either in groups or with the assistance of experts that are available. Please plan to have a project to work on. Examples could be:

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Password:       6U6B;8B7K;5P6R


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Jason Grout, Steven Johnson and Ira Hanson, Sang-Gu Lee


Savery 132



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