Sage Days 67: PyCon 2015

Monday april, 13: PyCon sprints on room 512d

General Information

PyCon is the largest gathering of the python community. The 2015 session is held in Montreal on April 8-16. Sage Days 67 are a satellite event which will occur on April 13-16, during the PyCon sprints.

You can participate to both PyCon and Sage-Days or only to Sage-Days. We invite every member of the community to join, especially students and Sage newbies.

These Sage-Days are not specialized in one specific mathematical topic: the idea is to discover the different functionalities of Sage and the different development (basic and advanced) that take place within Sage to improve mathematical research. It is also a good place to initiate a development project on some missing functionalities. And last but not least, it is the perfect place to meet and discuss with other python open-source communities which will be attending PyCon (IPython, SciPy, ...).

When & Where

Monday april, 13: PyCon sprints on room 512d

Sage-Days 67 will be held in UQAM AND Montreal Convention center (Palais des congrès) during the 2015 PyCon sprints April 13-16, it is a satellite event to PyCon which is organized as follows:

All PyCon related events will happen at the Montreal Convention center (Palais des congrès):

The Sage Days talks will happen in UQAM:

Pavillon Président-Kennedy 201, Président-Kennedy, 3rd floor, room PK-3605

(it's a 10 minutes walk between Palais des Congrès and UQAM)

See the map


You can regsiter to both PyCon and Sage Days or only to Sage Days.

Participation to PyCon sprints and Sage Days is free of charge. To register to Sage Days, please send an email to [email protected] or add your name on the list of participants. Please specify if you're also attending the main PyCon conference.

Registration to PyCon main conference (April 10-12) is $350 for individual rate ($125 for student). Please note that you can apply for financial aid, don't let the price stop you from attending! Please register on PyCon website and specify that you will be attending the sprints.

Financial Aid

Deadline for financial aid application: January 1st, 2015

You can apply for financial aid until January 1st through the global PyCon event on the PyCon website to cover your admission, travel and local costs. This is aimed to people attending the main conference, so you would be attending both PyCon and Sage Days. Note that the PyCon financial assistance includes many diversity outreach programs through PyLadies, CodeChix, and Python User Groups to attract new speakers, students, and attendees. Read more about the philosophy of PyCon financial assistance.

Please mention in your financial aid application that you wish to attend the Sage days.

Lodging, transportations etc.

You will find all practical details about the venue on the PyCon website.

If you're looking for a roommate or a place to stay, please put your name bellow:



Here is the list of accepted talks of the main PyCon conference taking place before Sage-Days on April 10-12. Especially, There will be one Sage related talk: Experimental pure mathematics using Sage by Viviane Pons.

Sage Days Schedule

The SageDays will be organized as follows:

See the map

See the full schedule bellow.

Monday april, 13: PyCon sprints on room 512d

Monday 04/13

Tuesday 04/14

Wednesday 04/15

Thursday 04/16

Morning Location




Palais des congrès



Status report

Status report



Presentation of Sage

SymPy (James Crist)

Multiplying Apples and Oranges: Coercions in SageMath (Daniel Krenn)



Coffee break (LaCIM coffee room, 4th floor)



Tutorial: Introduction to Sage and Python

Contributing to SageMath: git and trac (Daniel Krenn)

The Category framework (Nicolas Thiery)



Tutorial and install party

IPython (Thomas Kluyver)

Projects and lightning talks




Afternoon Location

Palais des congrès

Palais des congrès

Palais des congrès

Palais des congrès




Last status report


How can I get started developing Sage really, really quickly?

Use the SageMathCloud! You should only have to copy a folder into your own project (a few minutes) and then have everything you need to begin Sage development work immediately. For instructions, see Sage Source and SMC binaries. (This is a new and experimental process.)

What are the coding sprints?

Coding Sprints are "free coding time" where everyone can work on their own projects: from following introduction tutorials to implementing advanced functionalities. It can be done individually or in small groups. It is the perfect place to start a group project on mathematical functionalities that one wants to have in Sage.

It is not reserved to advanced developers! As a new comer, it gives you a great opportunity to start using Sage and implementing the computation you need surrounded by advanced developers who can help you if you encounter some problems.

The coding sprints will be held at PyCon as a PyCon sprint project. This means there will be many other (non sage) developers working on lots of open source python projects. Please, feel free to "look around".

Tentative list of projects



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