Sage Days 41: The Sage Notebook

June 11-15, 2012 at University of Washington in Seattle, in conjunction with Sage Education Days 4.






June 11

9:30 AM



11:30 AM

Sage Notebook New UI

Samuel Ainsworth

Recorded Hangout

3:00 PM

State of the Notebook Address

Jason Grout

Video, screen recording

4:00 PM

Patches, mq, trac, and Sage

Rob Beezer

Part 1, Part 2


June 12

4:00 PM

Status Reports

Part 1, Part 2


June 13

Sage Education Days 4


June 14

Sage Education Days 4


June 15

Sage Education Days 4


Mailing List

Mailing list for the workshop is Sage Days 41. Please add yourself to this list when available. This will be the primary vehicle for preliminary announcements, and last-minute changes during the week.

UW Campus Wireless

UW NetID:       event0146
Password:       6U6B;8B7K;5P6R



To register, please add yourself alphabetically by last name. You need to request a Trac account to be able to login to the wiki - you can do that by following the instructions at the top of the page located here. As a last resort, email Rob Beezer at [email protected] and he'll add your name (please include a relevant web link, if available).

  1. Jason Aubrey (University of Missouri)

  2. Rob Beezer (University of Puget Sound)

  3. Kyle Brooks (University of Puget Sound)
  4. Bruce Cohen (Lowell High School, San Francisco)

  5. Jonathan Gutow (Remotely) (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)

  6. Jason Grout (Drake University)

  7. Kevin Halasz (University of Puget Sound)
  8. Ira Hanson (Drake University)
  9. Malcolm Harper (Champlain College Saint Lambert)
  10. Steven Johnson (Drake University)
  11. Keshav Kini (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

  12. John Palmieri (University of Washington) 6/12-6/15

  13. William Stein (University of Washington)

  14. John Travis (Mississippi College)

  15. Byron Varberg (Drake University)
  16. Jason Yeo (National University of Singapore)




If you're interested in attending, there may be funding for you. Email [email protected], and include a cc to [email protected]. Include information about projects you have in mind for the notebook or Sage.

Important: Lodging

There are only limited rooms available in the campus vicinity, so please make arrangements immediately.

We have limited rooms available at the Collegiana Inn. This operation is somewhere between a dormitory and a hotel, perhaps "boarding house" describes it. Rooms are designed to be shared and have their own bathrooms. You can read a bit more about the Collegiana on the local information page. If we fill these rooms, or if you prefer less-rustic accomodations, suggestions for lodging are available on the travel page. You should make these arrangements yourself. If you have been approved for funding, then you will be reimbursed.



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