WikiWiki means “fast” in Hawaiian.


[DIFF] 14:30 Info jipilab [1]
jipilab [2]
#01 Added some participants
#02 Added some participants
[DIFF] 11:47 Info tmonteil [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:45 Info chapoton [1-2] #02 automatic latest
[DIFF] 11:45 Info jdemeyer [1-8] #02 2 interacts are broken due to graphics problems
#05 Specify variable of derivation
#06 No need to change sin, cos globals
#07 html.table() is no longer supported
[DIFF] 08:37 Info jdemeyer Use find_local_maximum instead of find_maximum_on_inte rval
[DIFF] 07:23 Info jsrn Make it clear that `sage-mode` is deprecated
[DIFF] 07:17 Info jsrn sage-mode doesn't work on Sage 7.4
[DIFF] 07:08 Info jsrn sage-shell-mode is now recommended
[DIFF] 13:27 Info jdemeyer
[DIFF] 14:20 Info jdemeyer Put import of cos, sin inside function to avoid side effects
[DIFF] 19:58 Info bhutz
[DIFF] 08:26 Info jipilab Corrected dates of Days79, updated Past Workshops
[DIFF] 22:32 Info slelievre [1-2] #01 Add sws2tex
#02 Initial draft
[DIFF] 08:22 Info dkrenn
[DIFF] 15:28 Info slelievre Replace page with 2016 current information


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