Sage Days 13: Athens, Georgia



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The event will be held at the University of Georgia at Athens.

We have a block of rooms for the conference reserved at the Georgia Center on campus. They already have a list of confirmed participants, but everyone should confirm their arrival/departure date with the reservations office by calling (706) 542-1181 and mentioning either that you are with "SAGE Days" or event number 68207. Only single rooms are available, and all rooms are non-smoking.

How to get to UGA

The preferred way of getting to Athens is to fly into Atlanta (ATL), and then take the AAA Shuttle express shuttle to the Georgia center. The shuttle takes about 1.5 hours and costs about $45 each way. Since the shuttle sometimes fills up, it is recommended that you call ahead and make both arrival and departure reservations. The shuttle phone number is (800) 354-7874 or (404) 767-2000.

We recommend that you arrive on Friday Feb 27th, and there will be an informal dinner at a local restaurant for those who arrive on/before the 4:45pm shuttle (arrives 6:30pm to UGA).




Travelling attendees:

  1. Michael Abshoff
  2. Jon Bober
  3. Henry Cohn
  4. Alyson Deines
  5. Gabrielle Nebe
  6. Sourav Sen Gupta
  7. Rudolph Scharlau
  8. Gonzalo Tornaria (Feb 13 -- Mar 3)
  9. Dan Shumow
  10. William Stein
  11. Stephanie Vance
  12. John Voight
  13. Justin Walker
  14. Marty Weissman

Local Attendees:

  1. Jason Cantarella
  2. Pete Clark
  3. Jonathan Hanke
  4. Erik Jacobson
  5. Dino Lorenzini
  6. Robert Rumley
  7. David Swinarski

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