Sage Days 3

Coding Sprints

Organizing committee



If you would like to share a hotel room with another SD3 participant please leave your contact info here: Roommate Matching.

Planned schedule

Lightning Talks

There are going to to be a couple of short five minute talks on Sunday. If you have something you want to get people interested in, put your name and your topic at the lightning talk page


Flyers and Posters

Local Info

If you're looking to explore LA while you're here, the Big Blue Bus (aka the Santa Monica Bus) will take you to some excellent places. If you want to head to, say, the beach, you should get on the bus outside the Ackerman Union and take it to Broadway & 4th. The 3rd Street Promenade has shops and restaurants, and you can walk down to the beach at the Santa Monica Pier (Broadway & Ocean; Ocean = 1st). You could take any of the #1, #2, or #3 bus, with the #1 probably being your best bet. Here's a link to the schedules:

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