Sage Days 35.5: Bug Days

This Sage days will be a bug fix Sage Days, devoted to fixing large numbers of bugs in Sage, emphasis on calculus, symbolics, notebook, and graphics.

IMPORTANT: Any bugs that are worked on should have "sd35.5" added to the keywords.

The official sage release we will be working with is:


DATES: January 9 - 12, 2012. (But it's a bug days, so things may be flexible.)

SCHEDULE: Schedule

LOCATION: Ken Olsen Science Center at Gordon College, Wenham, Mass.

LODGING: Wylie Center, Beverly, MA. Please look at the more detailed Local Info page for instructions on reservations and so forth.

FUNDING: If you're interested in attending, there may be funding for you. Please contact <kcrisman AT gmail DOT com> as soon as possible, and by late November if you are not a US citizen or permanent resident.

REIMBURSEMENT: You can be reimbursed for hotel and travel expenses. Here is the reimbursement form. The instructions and address to send it to are on the form. Note that you will need original receipts for all travel expenses; if you are claiming mileage, you'll need to keep a log of your miles traveled and the locations traveled to/from. Contact the organizers for more details.

TICKETS FAQ: This FAQ from Sage Days 27 is probably still more or less valid.


Participating remotely:


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