Sage Days 91: Open Source Computation and Algebraic Surfaces (Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2017)

Location: Banff International Research Station.



Feel free to add suggestions

Please add "sd91" as a keyword to any tickets you are working on during this Sage Days so they show up in this list: sd91 Tickets

Lattice related projects

Point counting and zeta function projects

Tickets needing review

To prepare for the workshop

Before the workshop, we recommend opening a Sage trac account and completing the Code Academy modules on Python and Git. If you like you may download and install the latest version of the source code of Sage, though we hope to arrange installations on a CoCalc server.

Possible Interest Groups

Lattices: Simon Brandhorst, Amy Feaver, Andreas Malmendier, David Roe, Ichiro Shimada

Zeta functions (Monsky-Washnitzer cohomology): Jen Balakrishnan, Edgar Costa, Kiran Kedlaya

Zeta functions (Dwork cohomology): Anastassia Etropolski, Heidi Goodson, Tony Várilly-Alvarado, Ursula Whitcher

People of many interests: Jen Berg, Renate Scheidler, Mckenzie West, David Zureick-Brown, Lenny Taelman

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