Review Days 3 is a one-day online event held February 7, 2017. The Review Days will officially run from 9-17, GMT+1, or until everyone runs out of steam.

We will probably communicate using Gitter and Framapad. This will be decided later.


Daniel Augot, David Lucas, Julien Lavauzelle, Johan Rosenkilde, Clément Pernet.

Please contact Johan Rosenkilde (jsrn[at] for any question.

Motivation and Focus

This Review Day follows up on SageDays75 on Coding Theory, six months after conclusion of the ACTIS-project on developing Coding Theory for Sage.

The main goal is to finish and review many of the open tickets on Coding Theory functionality. See CodingTheoryRoadmap on Trac.


Feel free to add yourself to this list if you plan to participate for some of or the entire day.

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