Sage Days 36: p-adics in Sage

February 19-23, 2012, UC San Diego

This workshop will focus on p-adic numbers and associated structures in Sage. There will be a substantial emphasis on core structures (arithmetic, p-adic fields, extension fields, polynomials and power series, linear algebra) and in particular on fixing bugs in these. Other topics may include: p-adic special functions, p-adic L-functions, p-adic Hodge theory, p-adic cohomology and zeta functions, p-adic modular forms.

Note to participants: if you haven't already, please join the Google group sagedays36 for further announcements.


The conference photo is here.


The workshop will begin Sunday morning at 10am and end Thursday morning (the last officially scheduled activity ends at 11am). See the schedule for more details.


See the projects page for our objectives for the workshop.


Workshop activities will be in the APM (Applied Physics and Mathematics) building, labeled 249 on this campus map. For Google Maps directions, use the destination "Muir College Drive".

The main elevators are out of order, so follow the signs for the freight elevator (or take the stairs if you prefer). For the entirety of the workshop, we have reserved one large classroom (APM 6402) and one smaller classroom (APM 6218); during talks in one room, the other room will be available for undisturbed coding.

Some refreshments will be available in the math department common room (APM 7356). Coffee, teabags (use the hot pot for hot water), and snacks will be visible; coffee addons (milk, cream, soy milk) and orange juice will be in the fridge. Please do not bring food or drink into APM 6402 or APM 6218.

The UCSD-GUEST wireless network is available throughout campus; you will have to register once per day. You can also use the eduroam network if your home campus supports this.


See the list of participants.


Housing and Transportation

Except for those who made other arrangements, everyone is staying at the Clarion Del Mar Inn. To get from San Diego Airport to the hotel, if possible, you should get a ride with someone renting a car. We have a google spreadsheet to coordinate arrivals; if you don't have permission to view it e-mail David or Kiran. Feel free to call Kiran from the airport for assistance. (Note that there are three terminals at SAN: the Commuter Terminal for all flights from LAX; Terminal 1 for United, Alaska, and Southwest; and Terminal 2 for other carriers. All rental cars are offsite, reached by shuttles.) Backup options (no prebooking required) include SuperShuttle (shared vans) or taxis (cheaper than SuperShuttle for 3 or 4 people).

We'll be commuting from the hotel to the math department in a fleet of rental cars. A backup option is the 101 bus (the "Breeze"), which has stops close to both the hotel and the math department but is not very fast or frequent (and stops running at 9:30 PM). The fare is \$1.75 each way (exact change required); maps and timetables are here. If all else fails, call Yellow Taxi at 619-444-4444; a taxi from the hotel to UCSD should run no more than \$30 for up to 4 people.

Parking enforcement at UCSD is quite strict. Avoid problems by parking as follows. (See the campus map for lot locations.)


There are many options for lunch within a short walk from APM. The closest ones (and their labels on the campus map):

For coffee on campus, we suggest the coffee kiosk just south of the Mandeville Center (285). Other options at slightly further distances include Goody's (see above) and Espresso Roma and Perks (both in the Price Center). In case you prefer juice to coffee, there is a Jamba Juice in the Price Center. We'll also be providing some coffee, juice, and refreshments in the math department common room (APM 7356).

Vending machines can be found in the APM basement and outside APM near the freight elevator.

Off campus, most food options require a car. However, from the hotel, there are numerous restaurants within walking distance along Camino del Mar.

Conference Dinner

We will be going to the Sea Rocket Bistro: 3382 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104

Financial support

This meeting is supported by the MIT NEC Fund, UC San Diego, PIMS, and additional sources.

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