Following a long tradition of similar workshops, the Sage days 100 workshop will take place in Bonn Germany, July 22nd - July 27th. It welcomes anyone who wishes to work with SageMath, from complete beginners to advanced developers. It will consist of tutorials, participant presentations and mostly free time to let participants work on their mathematical programming projects and get helped from more advanced users. The precise schedule of the workshop will be decided at the begining of the workshop and adapted according to the participant needs.

The afternoon of Wednesday 24th will be dedicated to a SageMath presentation at Max-Planck Institut (for students, PhD students, postdocs and professors). If you wish to be involved in this presentation, contact the organizer.

Practical information


All week

Room 0.016 (ground floor, left of the main entrance)
Institut für Informatik
Endenicher Allee 19A

Special Wednesday afternoon event

Lecture Hall (third floor)
Max-Planck Institut
Vivatsgasse 7


Broad mathematical thematics

Combinatorics, geometry and dynamics on real surfaces (complex curves). Here is a non-exhaustive list

Relevant Sage packages




The workshop is funded by OpenDreamKit align="middle"

With material help from the Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (France) and the Computer Science Department at Bonn University (Germany).


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