Sage Days 30

Status Report

A summary of the accomplishments of Sage Days 30 can be found in the status reports page.




Participants are encouraged to come for either or both segments of the workshop. Those attending the Developers' Meeting are encouraged to have something in mind which they would like to implement in Sage; we will also have some projects available for students to work on.


Food in Wolfville

Outside of Wolfville, there are a number of cheap eats/chain restaurants in New Minas, and Port Williams has the following:

Invited Speakers



To register, please contact Eva Curry <[email protected]>

Concurrent Activities

The seventh annual East Coast Combinatorics Conference is being held at Acadia May 4-6.

Travel Information

The nearest airport is Halifax Stanfield International Airport, which is approximately an hour's drive from the town of Wolfville and Acadia University. Please contact Eva Curry <[email protected]> to coordinate ride sharing between the airport and Wolfville.

Additional travel information (courtesy of last summer's CNTA XI conference), including bus, taxi, rail, and driving directions.

Lodging in Wolfville

Within walking distance of Acadia University, there are a number of bed and breakfasts. There are some hotel options within a short driving distance, as well. Here are some listings from Stay Nova Scotia and You can also call Check-Ins Nova Scotia at 1-800-565-0000.

The closest Bed & Breakfast options (all within a five minute walk) include:

however, the price of a room generally increases with proximity to the university.

Unfortunately, dorm rooms at Acadia University will not be available for the week of the workshop.



Funding has been provided by AARMS, the Fields Institute, Acadia University, and the University of New Brunswick.



Thursday: Learning and Coding


Low Tide, Halls Harbour, Bay of Fundy: Florent Hivert, Nicolas Thiery, Anne Schilling


Advertisement at the Montreal airport baggage claim.

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