Sage Days 72 (May 21-22): satellite event of Numeration 2016 (May 23-27)

Numeration 2016 website

Organizers: Daniel Krenn, Štěpán Starosta

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Venue: same as the conference (

Room: 301 for the sessions, 214 for coffee breaks

Focus & Topics

Introduction and Tutorial for Beginners

Automata and Digit Expansions

Automata and transducers are available in SageMath via its finite state machines module. The introduction of this package will focus on examples related to digit expansions.

Using SageMath in number system research

Experimenting with SageMath

The presentation will cover some experience collected while using SageMath as a tool to help in research and teaching. We will also shortly present the Julia language and compare it with SageMath.

Schedule (and Downloads)

There will be time during most of the lectures (or just after) to try out SageMath by yourselves.




The following people will most likely be able to attend.

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