Sage Days 40.5: Bug Days

Everything involving actual tickets and projects here

May 24-29 2012, Wallace Falls Lodge near Seattle

The aim of this workshop is to find and fix bugs in the Sage library. It will be held at the Wallace Falls Lodge an hour northeast of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascades. Previously known as Bug Days 19.


Wallace Falls is about an hour from the airport. We have the lodge starting at 1pm on May 24 and ending at noon on May 29. We'll be carpooling up to the lodge, with scheduling depending on peoples' flight details. Food is provided by the lodge.


The conference is organized by:


The following people will participate remotely:


Reports for the last three bug days

Here is an example report:

Everything involving actual tickets and projects here


William Stein's pics


Dan Drake, Doug McNeil, Keshav Kini, Andrew Ohana


Hard at Work


Jeroen !Demeyer, Release Manager

T-Shirt: "I'm not slacking off. Your code is compiling."

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