Sage Days 60 in Chennai, 14-17 August 2014

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The workshop takes place at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, India.

Most of the participants will be lodged in the on-campus guest house of the Institute. Funding is available for the travel (within India) and local expenses of participants.

Tentative Schedule

Registration and Introduction to the Conference 14 August 10:00am-10:30am






14 Aug

Crisman (worksheet) (pdf)


project ideas

progress reps.

15 Aug

Schilling (worksheet) (pdf)


Optional Talks

Progress reps.

16 Aug

Scrimshaw (worksheet)


Sightseeing trip

17 Aug



winding up

The intended audience will be mathematicians (faculty and PhD students) mostly from India who have an interest in using computers for their research.

This a part of our effort to increase an awareness of Sage and its utility to mathematical research among mathematicans in India.

The topics to be covered by the speakers are as follows:

  1. Crisman: Introduction to Sage: Mathematics Software for All
  2. Schilling and Thiery: Introduction to Sage-combinat
  3. Mahatab and Vanchinathan: talks about research using Sage.
  4. Scrimshaw: Classes in Sage-combinat
  5. Viswanath: Area-maximizing Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns
  6. Amri: Right-Angled Artin Groups
  7. Akhilesh: Multiple Zeta Values

Videos of the talks

Projects for Sage Days 60


Participants at the Lecture

Participants at the Lecture





What sagedays is complete without a selfie?


  1. Arvind Ayyer (IISc, Bangalore)

  2. Amritanshu Prasad (IMSc, Chennai)

  3. S. Viswanath (IMSc, Chennai)

List of Participants

  1. P. Akhilesh (HRI)
  2. Suman Ahmad (U. of Burdwan)
  3. G. Arunkumar (IMSc)
  4. Rekha Biswal (IMSc)
  5. I. V. S. Chanakya (U. of Hyderabad)
  6. U. V. Chetana (NIT Surathkal)
  7. Anjan Debnath (Ramanujan Inst.)
  8. Guhan Venkat (Bordeaux)
  9. Pranav Haridas (IISc)
  10. M. Hassain (IISc)
  11. Kannappan Sampath (ISI Bangalore)
  12. Dilpreet Kaur (IISER Mohali)
  13. Manoj Kummini (CMI)
  14. Kamalakshya Mahatab (IMSc)
  15. K. J. Manasa (NIT Surathkal)
  16. P. Prabakaran (Periyar University)
  17. Biswajit Ransingh (IMSc)
  18. B. Ravinder (IMSc)
  19. Santha Kumar (Periyar University)
  20. Selva Ganesh (Periyar University)
  21. Bidyut Sanki (IISc)
  22. B. R. Shankar (NIT Surathkal)
  23. Sachin Sharma (TIFR)
  24. Shiv Parsad (IISER Mohali)
  25. M. Subramani (CMI)
  26. V. H. Prathamesh (IISc)
  27. Tulasi Ram (IISc)
  28. Pooja Singla (IISc)
  29. S. Sivaramakrishnan (IIT Bombay)


Outstation participants will be accommodated in the IMSc guest house. Directions for reaching IMSc are available at

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