Sage Days 40 Tutorials

This page is based on the corresponding page for Sage Days 38, which you can find here.

Tutorial I: Using the Sage notebook and navigating the help system

Leader: Franco Saliola



Complimentary worksheets and resources:

Tutorial II: Programming in Python and Sage

Leader: Nicolas Borie and Nicolas Thiéry


Related thematic tutorials:

Learn-to-program resources:

Python resources:

Tutorial III: Contributing to Sage

Leader: Franco Saliola and Anne Schilling



Related thematic tutorials:

ReStructuredText resources:

Mercurial resources:

Tutorial: New functionalities in symmetric functions and k-Schur functions in Sage

Leaders: Mike Zabrocki and Anne Schilling


Tutorial: Demo on crystals in sage

Leader: Anne Schilling


Talk: Chromatic quasisymmetric functions and regular semisimple Hessenberg varieties

Speaker: John Shareshian

Slides: days40_tutorials/johnbeamer8.pdf

SageTeX and the Sage cell server

Leader: Dan Drake

Check out sagetex-examples.tar.bz2. The main cell server is; here are some more cell server links:

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