Sage Days 3000: porting Sage to Python 3

9 July 2018 ­– 13 July 2018

Ghent University (Gent, Belgium)


(or rather postponed to some ulterior dates)


This is a small-scale workshop for Sage developers with a specific focus on porting Sage to Python 3. While a lot of effort has been done for this, we hope that this workshop will accelerate this.




For participants without travel grants, the OpenDreamKit project has some money available.

Some specific tasks

1. ensure that "make doc" works :

  1. Make sure that the pdf documentation builds correctly:, upgrade sagenb, fix src/sage/combinat/root_system/

  2. update some packages
    1. ✓ update pynac : ; ;

    2. update sagenb : and and ✓

    3. update brial :

  3. make all doctests pass
    1. ✓ fix doctests in plot/ :

    2. fix doctests in src/sage/combinat/root_system/ (involves ;

    3. ✓ fix pickling :

    4. fix all doctests in parent and element : one step in

    5. fix all doctests of some touchstone files (for example src/sage/schemes/elliptic_curves/
    6. fix all doctests of some core files (for example src/sage/rings/integer_ring.pyx)

2. monitor the progress

  1. estimate how many files still have doctest failures
  2. tools to check for progress and prevent regression
  3. enhance the patchbot "pyflakes" plugin :

  4. patchbot doctests on sage3 (beware HUGE FILE ~ 90 Mb) :

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