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This is the wiki for the Sage - Mathematics Software System project. This is mainly used by developers for organization of e.g. SageDays and discussion of long-term projects.

SageDays and Sage Workshops

Past and future Workshops

Hosting a workshop


The most up-to date list of Sage developers is on our list of developers on the Sage trac wiki.

Overview of (many) Sage developers on a world map

Mailing Lists / Chat Rooms


Development is handled using "tickets" on the trac server.

The main developer doc is the Developers' Guide.

The development wiki also contain some (currently out-of-date) information on Sage development. See also this recent discussion on SageMath development workflow.

Special Discussion Pages

Demonstrations of Graphical Capabilities (mostly out-of-date)


These lists are possibly out-of-date. Use the listed Sage command for the newest information:

Various Out-of-Date Tips and Information pages

Other out-of-date pages

About this wiki

Editing the wiki. Page editing uses the MoinMoin syntax. To edit the wiki, log in using your sage-trac account. Getting an account involves convincing a human by email that you not a spammer.

Note -- wikis are not written in HTML. Use the GUI Mode (in Firefox) or read the wiki help links at the top.

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