Sage days 94. Sage development.

The Sage days 94 will take place in Zaragoza (Spain), from June 28th to July 4th 2018, as a satellite activity of the meeting of the spanish network of computer algebra.

It will be a series of short courses on subjects related to Sage development. It is mostly oriented to young researchers that want to make the step from writing some code for their own use, to contributing that code to the Sage codebase.

Subjects to cover (provisional)

Besides mini courses on those subjects, there might be some space for short talks contributed by the participants (they can be quite informal). Please contact the organizers if you are interested ingiving one such talk.

For the moment, the proposed talks include

This Sage Days will be a satellite activity of the XVI EACA encounter

Speakers (provisional)



Instructions for participants

Since this workshop is focusing in Sage development, it would be better if the participants come with their own laptop, including a Sage install that is well suited for development (don't worry if you can't manage to do so, we can dedicate the first activities of the workshop to help you with that, but it would save time if you do that in advance). Also, please ask in advance for an account in the trac server

Financial support

The school will be partially funded by the Opendreamkit project. We expect to be able to cover the travel and lodging expenses of the participants and speakers.


If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, please send an email to mmarco <at> unizar <dot> es

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