Sage-Combinat: enhancing Sage as a toolbox for computer exploration in algebraic combinatorics

Sage-Combinat is a software project whose mission is: to improve the open source mathematical system Sage as an extensible toolbox for computer exploration in (algebraic) combinatorics, and foster code sharing between researchers in this area.

In practice, Sage-combinat is a collection of branches on top of Sage, developed by a community of researchers. The intent is that most of those branches get eventually integrated into Sage as soon as they are mature enough, with a typical short life-cycle of a few weeks. In other words: just install Sage, and you will benefit from all the Sage-combinat development, except for the latest bleeding edge features.


Past news

Who are we? What is Sage-Combinat used for?

How to participate and contribute



Since Sage 6.0, the development workflow has been reworked in depth, and we are in the progress of migrating the extensions as git branches. Here are some useful links:

The Sage-Combinat extensions used to be managed as a collection of patches on our patch server, using a so-called mercurial queue. Quite some stuff below is thus outdated, and will be progressively replaced by information on the new workflow.



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