Publications mentioning Sage-Combinat

If you used Sage-Combinat non trivially for your research, we would appreciate acknowledgments in the resulting documents (articles, books, ...) using the standard citation below. This citation is anonymous but it is strongly suggested, in the acknowledgement section of the document, to cite Sage and Sage-Combinat, and to name explicitly the developers who worked on the specific features used in the publication, and/or cite the relevant articles (don't hesitate to ask on sage-combinat-devel).

For example,

This research was driven by computer exploration using the open-source
mathematical software \texttt{Sage}~\cite{sage} and its algebraic
combinatorics features developed by the \texttt{Sage-Combinat}
community~\cite{Sage-Combinat}, and in particular {{ names and
further citations}}.

See the wiki page to cite Sage properly.

In Bibtex:

      Author = {The {S}age-{C}ombinat community},
      Title = {{S}age-{C}ombinat: enhancing {S}age as a toolbox for computer exploration in algebraic combinatorics},
      note= {{\tt}},
      Year = 2008}

In LaTeX:

The {S}age-{C}ombinat community, {\emph{{S}age-{C}ombinat}: enhancing Sage as a toolbox for computer exploration in algebraic combinatorics}, {{\tt}}, 2008.

We would also appreciate if you could send us (e.g. nthiery at the references for your document, preferably as a BibTeX entry, for inclusion in our publication list. Alternatively, you can edit directly the Sage-Combinat.bib file on github (fork, clone, edit, commit, push, send a pull request; see the github help pages for details).

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