Sage-Combinat workshop in Orsay

January 26-30 of 2009

Purpose: work on the foundations and get former MuPAD-Combinat developers on board. See below for details.

Sponsored by the Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay: Faculté d'Orsay


Like for the previous MuPAD-Combinat days of June 2006, I (NicolasThiéry) have rented a 8-person house in Cernay-la-Ville (la tour). We did the cooking ourselves (bring your favorite recipes!). Altogether this made for a tight budget (around 1200 euros total for 5 days and 8 persons).

Photo 1 Photo 2

Coming from downtown Paris


Short talks

Work done

Altogether, the meeting was really successful, with lots of code written (90 commits), and many many design discussions. Here are some of the points that were worked on:

Words: see the sprint page

Interval Exchange Transformation and Linear Involution (Vincent Delecroix)


Posets (FrancoSaliola)

Categories (NicolasThiéry)


Representation Theory of Finite Dimensional Algebras and monoids


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