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Sage-Combinat grants

This page lists some past and ongoing grant applications involving Sage-Combinat.

2014-1018: ANR grant

:Title: Sage-Combinat: Mutualized software development for research in combinatorics and beyond
:Status: Failed
:Form: `Scientific project <>`_, `Summary <>`_, `Sources <>`_
:Institutions: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marne-la-vallée, Marseille, Montréal, Rouen, *Orsay*, ...
:PI: Nicolas M. Thiéry
:Duration: 4 years
:Funds for: ~400 k euros for Sage-Combinat days, developer meetings, travel money, research engineer time, student stipend, subcontracting, ...

2012-2015: NSF grant OCI-1147247

''Collaborative Research: SI2-SSE: Sage-combinat: Developing and Sharing Open Source Software for Algebraic Combinatorics''

:Institutions: UC Davis, Stanford, University of Minnesota, University of Washington
:PI's: Dan Bump, Gregg Musiker, Anne Schilling, William Stein (and Nicolas M. Thiéry)
:Duration: 2012-2015
:Funds for:
 - Sage-Combinat days: Sage Days 40 at Minnesota, Sage Days associated to FPSAC 2013 in Paris, Sage days at UC Davis in 2014, ...
 - Sage-Combinat server in the Sage farm in Seattle
 - Laptops boosted for software development
 - Travel money
 - TA support for improving the Sage-Combinat thematic tutorials
   for use for teaching
  - nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials
  - Schubert polynomials, Grothendieck polynomials, Demazure atoms,
    LLT polynomials, and quasisymmetric functions in general
  - alcove paths
  - actions of algebras on combinatorial objects (in particular
    combinatorial representations for tilting modules)
  - improvement of the poset package
  - rigged configurations
  - thematic tutorials
  - ...
:Application material: or

Fall 2012: CIMPA Summer school in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

:Status: accepted
:PI's: Julien Cassaigne, Idrissa Kaborei

2010/03/05: Emmy Noether program, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

:Title: Catalan Combinatorics in Root Systems, Reflection Groups, and Cluster Algebras
:Status: In preparation
:PI: Christian Stump
:Duration: 5 years
:Funds for: research project in Algebraic and Geometric Combinatorics, including Sage implementations, joint projects, and visits

2010/03/03: CNRS/INS2I: PEPS

:Title: Sage-Combinat: fédérer et mutualiser le développement logiciel pour la recherche en combinatoire
:Status: Failed
:Form: attachment__ (`sources <>`_)
:Institutions: Marne-la-vallée, Montpellier, Marseille, Polytechnique, *Orsay*, Sophia Antipolis
:PI: Nicolas M. Thiéry
:Duration: 2 years
:Funds for: 20k euros for Sage-Combinat days, developer meetings, travel money + a bit of hardware

__ attachment:PEPS_Thiery_Nicolas.pdf

2010-201?: ANR

:Institutions: Marne-la-vallée, ...
 - Moules, ...
 - Operads
 - Hopf algebras

2009-12-15: Partner University Fund

`Application material <>`_

:Status: failed
:Institutions: *Orsay*, *UC Davis*, Rouen, Minnesota, UW Seattle, Marne-la-Vallée, ...
:PI's: Anne Schilling, Nicolas M. Thiéry
:Duration: 3 years
:Funds for:
 - Sage-Combinat server in the Sage farm in Seattle
 - Laptops boosted for software development
 - Postdocs
 - Travel money

2008-12-15: Partner University Fund

:Status: failed
:Institutions: *Orsay*, *UC Davis*, ...
:PI's: Anne Schilling, Nicolas M. Thiéry

2007-2011: `NSF Focused Research Group ``Affine Schubert Calculus'' <>`_

:Institutions: Fields Institute, AIM, UC Davis, Virginia Tech, Drexel
:PI's: Jennifer Morse, Anne Schilling, Mark Shimozono
 - Symmetric functions (including k-Schur, ...)
 - (Affine) root systems, Weyl groups, ...
 - Framework (Categories, ...)


We could list below our other sponsors (UCLA for Sage Days 7, MSRI,
RISC-Linz, ..., Orsay, ...)

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