Sage Developer Center

Welcome to the Sage developer center!

Note: Developers should check at least one per week. That's where development actually happens.


Organize, sage-devel.

Sage developer center

Welcome to the Sage developer center!

This wiki page helps in organizing the development of Sage. Information and links to Sage development should be organized under "devel/". For answers to commonly asked questions, see the FAQ.

Note: The trac server contains patches awaiting review. Michael Abshoff wrote a set of general guidelines for using the trac server. See also the Developers' Guide for further information on using the trac patch server.

Release management

Each release cycle of Sage is managed by at least one release manager. For example, a release manager produces the various alpha and rc releases for the sage-x.y.z release cycle. Release management is a complex task. The release management page contains a rough set of guidelines for Sage release management. If you want to help out with release management, please subscribe to the sage-release mailing list.

Sage development

Much of the Sage library is written in Python. Some performance critical parts of the Sage library is written in Cython. Information is available to help beginners on developing the Sage library. Also consult the list of Python and Cython resources for beginner to advanced information on the Python and Cython languages. You can also do functional programming with Python and Sage.

Please write Python3-compatible code (see Python3-compatible code)


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