Debian Sage Packaging Team (DSPT)

Monolithic Plan

Started December 30, 2009.

  1. Make a .deb that is "monolithic" and installs the complete sage installation into /opt/sage (say). See

  2. Make any changes to the Sage distribution needed to make
    • creating the deb in 1) automatic and maintainable, e.g., make a command "sage

      -deb <version>" that creates the deb and puts it in SAGE_ROOT/dist/.

  3. Add the resulting .deb's to the website.

Complete Native Debian Packaging of Sage: Status

Started in 2008.

As of February 1st, 2009, Sage is in Debian Sid largely to the hard work by Tim Abbott.


As of today, Sage 3.0.5 is available in Debian sid, so you can now run 
"apt-get install sagemath" and get Sage installed on your Debian system.

Now the plan is to upgrade the Sage in Debian to Sage 3.3 once that release is finished in the the first week of February.

To check the status of Sage and its dependencies in Debian, you can look at Tim Abbott's Debian QA page



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