Tips for Using Sage

Accessing Sage through a firewall using an SSH proxy server

Suppose you have Sage running on your office computer at your university, but the university firewall prevents you from accessing it from home. Suppose also that you can SSH into a server at the university from which you *can* see your office computer. There is a simple procedure that allows you to use the SSH server to enable Firefox or other web browsers to access your work computer.

  1. Log in to the university ssh server using the following command:  ssh -D 10000 (The -D 10000 sets up a SOCKS proxy through the SSH connection.)

  2. Configure your browser to use the proxy. A very simple, easy way to do this in Firefox is to install FoxyProxy, which lets you pick proxy servers per tab. Just install FoxyProxy and click on the icon in the lower left in the status bar. Configure it to use the SOCKS proxy with host "localhost" and port "10000".

  3. Log in to your office computer (for example, you could log in through your ssh connection above). Start up the Sage notebook, but make sure that you can access the Sage notebook from (e.g., use the interface keyword when starting up the notebook)
  4. Now just direct your browser to your office computer address. Any addresses you type into the browser are sent over the SSH connection first, so you should be able to see your office computer as if you were browsing from the SSH server.

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