K3D-jupyter 3D visualisation in jupyter notebook


K3D-jupyter is a jupyter widget for displaying 3D content inside a notebook. It uses notebook ipywidgets communication for sending data. It is possible to create a plot and interactively change data, add elements etc.

Trying in mybinder


Getting K3D-jupyter to work in SageMath

K3D-jupyter can be installed in SageMath, then it can be used from jupyter notebook (internal one or external).

The repo K3D-Jupyter-shim contains prepackaged K3D-jupyter so it has less dependencies than K3D-jupyter. It can by easily installed inside SageMath. We tested it with version of Sage - 7.2.

    git clone https://github.com/K3D-tools/K3D-Jupyter-shim.git
    cd K3D-Jupyter-shim
    make install-user 

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