SageMath external packages

A list of external packages for SageMath (spkg, pip-installable packages, etc).

New-style SPKGs

The single authoritative source for the packages integrated in the Sage distribution (SPKGs) is the SAGE_ROOT/build/pkgs/ directory. Each SPKG is represented by a subdirectory. The structure of these subdirectories is explained in the Developer's Guide.

Since Sage 9.2, the spkg section of the Sage reference manual is automatically generated from the information in SAGE_ROOT/build/pkgs/.

Use the following shell commands below to access the information from the SAGE_ROOT/build/pkgs directory of your copy of Sage:

  • Standard packages: ./sage -standard
  • Installed packages: ./sage -installed
  • Optional packages available: ./sage -optional
  • Experimental packages available: ./sage -experimental
  • Details about an SPKG: ./sage -info <SPKG>

For some advanced package tools, use ./sage -package

List of external packages

These packages are not (yet?) integrated in the SageMath distribution as SPKGs and have to be installed separately.

See Meta-ticket #31164.

See also for another collection

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