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This wiki is about SageMath, the Sage Mathematics Software System.

Note that after founding SageMath (free software for mathematics) in 2005, William Stein later founded a company called SageMath, Inc., whose goal is to make it easier to use open source mathematical software. The main product developed so far by "SageMath, Inc." towards this goal is CoCalc, which started out under the name SageMathCloud. Note that while SageMathCloud was renamed CoCalc, this has no impact on SageMath, which remains SageMath.

Unrelated projects

The name Sage has been used for a lot of things, including several software systems, some of which with mathematical capability.

Amazon launched a hosted machine learning platform called SageMaker, which has absolutely nothing to do with SageMath (though it uses similar technologies and even has at least one developer in common).

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These have no relation at all to SageMath.

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