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This is the wiki for the Sage - Mathematics Software System project. This is mainly used by developers for organization of e.g. SageDays and discussion of long-term projects. Since it is a wiki, pages should be made to last over many, and frequent, changes. If an external link is made, please attach relevant files/content to avoid broken links.

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Since version 9.0, Sage is using Python 3. See Python3-Switch for more information.

SageDays, Sage Workshops, other activities

Past and future Workshops

Sage Release Tours (version 9.0 and later)

Google Summer of Code

Hosting a workshop

Major external (editable) related pages



Official homepage of SageMath

Where development happens

dummy package on PyPi

Arch Linux wiki


The most up-to date list of Sage developers is on our list of developers on the Sage trac wiki.

Overview of (many) Sage developers on a world map

Mailing Lists / Chat Rooms

sage-support, sage-devel, sage-release, sage-announcements, sage-edu for teaching using Sage, sage-finance for finance, sage-coding-theory for coding theory, sage-nt for number theory, and sage-combinat-devel.

Zulip group chat server for realtime collaboration on Sage (like Slack). Fairly low-activity but more than IRC.

IRC channel: #sagemath on freenode (

The Sage website contains links to other discussion mailing lists.


Development is handled using "tickets" on the trac server.

The main developer doc is the Developers' Guide.

Release notes (higher level than change logs) are collaboratively prepared at ReleaseTours.

Development/project infrastructure

Special Discussion Pages


Demonstrations of Graphical Capabilities


New-style SPKGs

There is a single authoritative place to learn about the specific set of packages (new-style SPKGs) that Sage uses: The SAGE_ROOT/build/pkgs/ directory in the Sage distribution. Each SPKG is represented by a subdirectory. The structure of these subdirectories is explained in the Developer's Guide.

Since Sage 9.2, the spkg section of the Sage reference manual is automatically generated from the information in SAGE_ROOT/build/pkgs/. (Trac #29655 improves the formatting of this information.)

Use the following shell commands below to access the information from the SAGE_ROOT/build/pkgs directory of your copy of Sage:

For some advanced package tools, use ./sage -package

External packages

Obsolete, duplicate, outdated

About this wiki

Editing the wiki. Page editing uses the MoinMoin syntax. To edit the wiki, log in using your sage-trac account. Getting an account involves convincing a human by email that you not a spammer.

SageWiki maintenance. The SageWikiMaintenance page attempts to reorganize the wiki, which has accumulated many outdated pages.

License and Copyright. Contributions to the Sage wiki and to the Sage documentation are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA license. By contributing, you agree to place your contribution under that license.

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