Revamping Version Control and Code Review

This page reflects our discussions on changing Sage's revision control and code review processes. If we're successful in coming up with a promising system, we will migrate the best features from this page to a SEP.


Trac and Github

Our initial idea was to try to use Github for source control and inline comments, and to use trac for most other things.

Sample ticket illustrating some nitty gritty details involved in using github:

Trac and Plugins

It turns out that there are two plugins for trac:

that can hopefully provide most of the functionality for which we were going to rely on Github.

Proposed Workflow

With Trac and the two plugins we have the following outline for how code review would go.

Steps to make it happen

  1. Write a script that converts the current sage repositories (ext, bin, root, lib, spkg metadata...) into one repository. This script can be run at will once we're done with it to convert Sage to a single repository. (This is because it could be sage-5.1, 5.2, etc., before we actually are ready.)
  2. Write a SEP for our workflow.
  3. Upgrade trac with the two plugins listed above and start hosting a git repo.
  4. Implement our workflow in trac.ini and maybe in a custom trac plugin
  5. Write newbie scripts so that Sage developers don't need to use git.

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