Line Comments

Set up a system that allows line by line comments (like Google's internal Mondrian system, or the open source versions Rietveld or Review Board)

Requirements and desired features of a new workflow.

Proposals for new workflows.

Require reviewer

Implement a system requiring authors of tickets to suggest a reviewer (while providing defaults)

Stopgaps (formerly, "bandaids")

Come up with a way to ensure that critical tickets like this don't get lost beneath the radar.


Fix patchbot so that it doesn't timeout on unbroken code.


Finish the new doctesting code: #12415

Better Reports

There is now a trac wiki page that's linked to by the "View Tickets" button that organizes the reports in a more useful way.

Useful Trac Plugins/Macros

I'm going through the plugins on Trac-Hacks to see if any would be useful to us.

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