Community Management

This is a rough sketch of ideas on guidelines for managing the Sage user and developer community.

Cultivating an open source community

  1. Ubuntu Code of Conduct

  2. Art Of Community by Jono Bacon.

  3. The Open Source Way: Creating and nurturing communities of contributors

  4. Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel.

  5. Successful open source communities by Jeffrey M. Osier-Mixon.

  6. Barriers to community growth by Dave Neary.

  7. How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too) --- in the Google Tech Talks series.

  8. Community Management in Open Source Projects by Martin Michlmayr.

  9. Managing Volunteer Activity in Free Software Projects by Martin Michlmayr.

  10. Building a community around your F/OSS project by Aaron J. Seigo

  11. Get Involved from Ubuntu

Jono Bacon's articles

  1. The Increasing Importance of Community

  2. Building up the Advocacy Community

  3. The Reality of Advocacy

  4. Hindsight is Always 20/20

  5. The system, man

  6. Advocating honesty


On meritocracy within an open source project:

  1. PHP Meritocracy by Andrei Zmievski.

  2. How the ASF works from the Apache Software Foundation.

  3. Eclipse Development Process from The Eclipse Foundation.

  4. Questioning the merit of meritocracy by Kirrily Robert.

Open source development

Some notes on open source development and the importance of having mentors:

  1. A tale of two developers by Angie Byron.

  2. Teaching People to Fish

Promoting open source projects

Strategies for promoting an open source project:

  1. Promoting Open Source Through Social Media by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier.

  2. The E_8 News Story, by David W. Farmer and Sally Koutsoliotas

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