Discussions during Sage Days 7

Acceptance Criteria for standard packages

This criteria is for acceptance of standard packages, not the criteria for consideration of packages.

  1. GPL version 3 compatible license
  2. The package must build on our supported architectures and pass the worry test (e.g., what is the possibility of eventually using the package on Windows?)
  3. Quality: It should be "better" than anything else (that passes criteria 1 and 2) and the argument should be made for this. The comparison should be made to both python and other software. Criteria in passing the quality test include:
    1. Speed
    2. Documentation
    3. Usability
    4. Memory leaks
    5. Maintainable
  4. Interest and Demand:
    1. JSAGE vote
    2. A certain number of sage-devel +1 votes (and sage-support votes)
    3. How many downloads of the optional package

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