Projects for Sage Days 60


* Version control with GIT: 2

* Quick categories intro: 3

* Overview of Graph theory feature

* Intro to Algebraic Number Theory

Here are useful links for Number Theory in Sage:

  1. Here are some lecture notes using Sage on Elementary Number Theory by Karl-Dieter.

  2. Sage reference manual for number fields.

  3. Here is a book by William Stein on Algebraic Number Theory.

Kn: Here is my Sage Worksheet. This is heavily bases on the references (2) and (3) above.

* Contributing to Sage

* Tutorial: Using GAP from Sage

* Explore: polytopes

* Tutorial: optimized code with Cython

* Tutorial: commutative algebra

* Tutorial: Homological algebra

* Creating sage packages

* Tutorial: SageTeX

Knot theory

Review the existing features in Sage (anything) and elsewhere, and create some tickets of achievable features in the mid-run

Representation Zeta functions

Expose more features from Symmetrica

#15555 Amri

Quadratic forms over ch=2

Class for bilinear and sesquilinear forms

Error estimates for differential difference equations

Approximation of solution of a general equation. To solve the equation at a given point with value and error. (Reference, ) #16601 Kamalakshya

Rational points on elliptic curves

Play with finite dimensional Hopf algebras

Implement a couple, look for dimensions of comodules (by duality)


Review of tutorials from the Sage-Combinat queue

#3624 coding theory -- A trivial review, now done!

Kamalakshya, Kannappan

Reorganize the combinatorics documentation indexes into src/sage/combinat


Anne, Karl, Nicolas, Travis

Conditional expectations of multivariate random variables

Dimer model

Implement, import or interface existing soft

Counting, sampling, ...


Lie algebras

More work on the ticket, review, play with, split, ...

Travis, ...

Categories and Morphisms for crystals

Anne, Nicolas, Travis

Ticket #16126 on Coxeter Groups

Kannappan: I am interested in this ticket. I guess a minimal implementation should not take extremely long...

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