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Most of the information below assumes a certain level of funding. Please contact for more information if you need funding for air or lodging.


Travel to Boston

Most travelers who are not driving will be arriving at Logan International Airport in Boston. See the Sage Days 27 FAQ for the rules on airfare (e.g., US carriers only). It is also possible to get to the Boston area using Amtrak into South Station.

Travel to the North Shore

From either South Station or Logan, the most preferred way of getting to the North Shore involves getting to North Station, a major commuter rail hub (see the system map; Airport is on the Blue Line, South Station is on the Red Line). There are regular shuttles from all terminals at Logan to the Airport subway station. As you can see from the system map, Boston's system (the "T") is old enough that several annoying transfers are necessary, but it works reasonably well. Fare is two dollars, with vending machines for cards at the station.

From there, one would take the outbound Newburyport/Rockport line to Beverly Depot; apparently the Wylie Center will order a cab for you if you call them (see below) when you are getting close (it is also a reasonable walk, 1.4 miles from Montserrat stop, 2.x miles from Beverly). This link is for the outbound schedule on Sundays. Every other train goes to Montserrat (a stop one beyond Beverly Depot), which is slightly closer, so you can try for that if it is convenient. The fare in either case should be $5.75 (tickets can be purchased on the train with cash, the conductor has change).

It is also possible to take some local buses in slightly less convoluted ways, especially during normal daytime hours on weekdays (for example, taking an express bus from certain airport terminals to Lynn, then catching the commuter rail there). If you want to try to find out such an option for you, you may find the Trip Planner useful; try the "Plan your trip using Landmarks and Stations" link. However, this happens to be a very challenging trip to plan using this device. Google Transit seems to be another very useful device (here is a sample).

If for some reason using the commuter rail will not work out well for you (especially regarding time of day), don't hesitate to contact the organizers and we may be able to arrange some transportation. Taxi service from Boston to Beverly is well over $60, so that would be a last resort.

Travel to Gordon

If you're at the Wylie Center, just type "295 Hale Street, Beverly, MA to 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham, MA" into Google Maps; it's very close. Coming from elsewhere, Gordon is on Exit 17 on Route 128 to Gloucester. See the official Gordon directions.

The Ken Olsen Science Center is toward the back of campus. Upon entering the campus area, take the first right into a parking lot. Follow this around, down a small hill through another parking lot, and then following left by a wooded area and large pond. Around that point, on the left there is a building with a parking lot up a small hill, with nice seminar rooms with big glass windows facing the pond; park in that lot. Go in the back door in the non-convex corner of the building and KOSC 118 is slightly to your right, near the entrance to the quad.


Out-of-town participants will be lodged at the Wylie Center in Beverly, Mass. This oceanside conference center is just a few miles from Gordon College and has a nice wireless-enabled coffee shop which we've been assured is very much open for a group of people to code in after hours.

For this Sage Days, individual participants will make their own reservations.

On-site Internet


Our current plan is as follows for board.

Local Attractions

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