Tentative Programme


Lunch Break


Lunch break

  • 2pm: Anders: "Strategies for computing Schubert structure constants"
  • 3:15pm: coffee break
  • 3:30pm: Tutorial: how to kindly report a bug or suggest an improvement (20 minutes)
  • 3:35pm: Coding sprint organization
  • 4pm-: Coding sprints


Lunch break

  • 1:30pm: concurrent development projects: actions
  • 3pm: coffee break
  • 3:30pm: concurrent development projects: IntegerVectors, crystals, d-complete posets
  • 5pm: Coding sprint status report
  • 5:30pm: ultimate frisbee (most likely on the NW dyke field - directions will be provided)


  • 10am: coffee break

  • 10:15am-12:15pm: Series of Tutorial: Contributing to Sage [contribute to sage sws file] How to contribute

    • Using and programming sage from the command line (Christian)
    • Creating a patch (Nicolas)
    • Reviewing a patch (Anne and Franco) Short step-by-step checklist
    • Sage combinat installation (Florent)
  • 2pm: Coding sprint status report

  • 2:30pm: Robert Smith Equivalence in Computer Algebra

  • 3pm: coffee break

  • 5:30pm: local weekly pick-up ultimate frisbee, President's Field (on the campus map: between field 46 (Raymond Field, fenced-in fancy field), building 48 (Festival Theatre, a former arena, so looks like one), and behind white house 47 (Alumni Hall administrative offices, formerly the university president's house))


  • fill out travel reimbursement forms - TBA

Lunch break

  • submit code for student contribution prize by 1pm
  • 2pm: Coding sprint status report
  • 3pm: coffee break

Potential material

  • Tutorial: Using algebraic structures: vector spaces, ... (Jason Bandlow, Florent Hivert, Nicolas Thiéry)
  • Tutorial:: Implementing your own algebraic structures (Jason Bandlow, Floren Hivert, Nicolas Thiéry)
  • Tutorial:: Graph theory
  • Tutorial:: Linear programming
  • Tutorial/demo:: Symmetric functions
  • Tutorial: cluster algebras (Christian)
  • Tutorial: Crystal bases (Anne)
  • Tutorial: Posets (Franco)
  • Tutorial: Parents, Elements, Categories (Nicolas Thiéry)
  • Lexicographic generation of lists of integers (Florent Hivert, Nicolas Thiéry) Algorithmic & design
  • Canonical forms, normal forms, and computer representation (Robert Smith)
  • Schubert calculus: challenges, solutions, projects
  • Various algebras in Sage (Hecke algebra, nilCoxeter, Temperley Lieb, local plactic) (Anne)


  • Thematic tutorials setup
  • Categories
  • The Sage-Combinat roadmap
  • The Sage-Combinat workflow: writing the specs
  • Modeling set containment: "x in S" see Discussion about Containment in Sage
  • Posets, ideals/upper set

Development Projects

See the projects page.

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