Sage Days 30 Coding Sprint Projects

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Below a list of proposed projects.


* Implement the full collection of d-complete posets and slant product of d-complete posets, and jeu de taquin for them. Implement jeu de taquin for increasing tableaux (for d-complete posets or something less general). For background, see this paper.

* Student project: iterator over LR-tableaux of fixed shape, as in Anders's talk (Hugh)

* Student project: implement double Schubert and double Grothendieck polynomials (Hugh)

* Finalize posets

* Set factories

* Finalize Mike's permutation group patches

* Get the reflection groups / Coxeter groups into a proper state

* Implementation of energy function of crystals (suitable for an interested student!!!)

* Implementation of cyclic tableaux

* Quotient rings of rings of symmetric functions, examples of noncommutative Schur functions, etc.

* Actions on combinatorial free modules

* Implementation of bijection between crystal paths and rigged configurations

* Polyhedral representation of symmetries

* Partitions related to k-Schur functions

* (Something with poset partitions?)

Number Theory

* Update IntegerVectors internal representation in Sage [lp norms: norm(p='sage.rings.integer.Integer(2)')].

* Update routines for enumerating lattice points in a polytope to help me find digit sets:

* Student project: Generate centered digit set for multidimensional radix representation

* Student project: Generate minimum modulus digit set for multidimensional radix representation

* Student project: Visualizing attractors of iterated function systems and other fractal sets

* Potentially suitable as student project?: Implement Scheicher & Thuswaldner neighbor-finding algorithm


* Discussion thematic tutorials

* Introduction to Sage book

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