SAGE Days 3

Planned schedule

Talks that everyone cares about will be in the mornings, and in the afternoons, we'll have more specialized talks by the same speakers. In the afternoons, we may also try to organize various tutorials for those not interested in the specialized talks. Also, the goal is to try to give something of a theme to each of the two days. We'll have slightly fewer talks than the last SAGE Days.

The first day will be targeted to people who are not experts on SAGE, which for our purposes, might mean anyone who isn't a SAGE Developer, but might like to be. An example of this might be a "State of the Union" talk by William in the morning, and a talk on what an undergraduate can do to get involved with SAGE in the afternoon. If anyone has ideas for good coding projects that undergraduates can get involved with, let us know.

The second day will be targeted at SAGE Developers. The morning will be talks about things that everyone needs to hear about, and the afternoon talks will be talks about more specified topics that people might be interested in. So, using SD2 for examples again, we'd have David Harvey's talk on SAGE Architecture, and in the afternoon, Martin Albrecht's talk on F4.

The colloquium talks listed above are two slots for talks of general interest, but not necessarily about SAGE. A good example would be Bill Page's AXIOM talk at SD2. These will be dependent on finding the right speakers & topics.

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