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== Long list of databases ==

See [[/presagedays/discussion|Long list of projects corresponding to existing databases]]

Sage Days 17 Project

Long list of databases

See Long list of projects corresponding to existing databases

Updating wstein.org/Tables

We have that there are three (related) tasks to perform:

  1. generate data
  2. make that data easily accessible and searched
  3. make this available through a web front-end.

Basically everything else on this wiki is currently part of (1). Here's a list of tasks for (3):

  • create some appropriate storage on a ZFS drive to test (William)
  • set up Robert Bradshaw's CherryPy code from Benasque (Robert Bradshaw)

  • start adding data from existing tables
  • add functionality to the database manager to provide canonical URLs for data and an associated wiki
  • think about authentication issues for uploading new data
  • make certain fields (such as author or title) immutable
  • create a table of contents for the data, which probably makes the most sense as a completely separate webserver
  • write something that does sanity checks and tests: for instance, keep a list of sample queries, and run them regularly (say, daily) to make sure that they still work

Other closely related tasks:

  • create a database type for plaintext databases

Feature requests:

  • user queries for new additions

Rational Cuspidal Subgroups

Dimensions of Modular Forms Spaces for Gamma(N)

Pre-Sage Days Stuff

  • See projects. There are numerous ideas for projects there.

Implement the Hijikata Trace Formula

There are PARI and Magma implementations here along with some scans:


Do a Sage implementation. Then do some interesting computations say of the trace of T_2 on some high weight spaces...

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