*-combinat Days Project Idea Page

Implement a generic FactoredElement class

PEOPLE: Burcin Erocal

An example of adding a new basis to an algebra

PEOPLE: Franco Saliola, CoryBrunson

Try out Nathann Cohen new interface to Mixed Integer Linear Programming software

PEOPLE: Nicolas Thiéry

Bug squashing!

PEOPLE: Franco Saliola, Jason Bandlow, Florent Hivert, Peter McNamara


100% doctest and review for all patches up to sagecombinat 4.1

Functorial constructions: subquotient, cartesian_product

FlorentHivert, FrancoSaliola, AnneSchilling, NicolasThiéry

Categorification of RootSystems and Crystals

And application to parabolic subroot-systems

NicolasBorie, AnneSchilling, NicolasThiéry, CoryBrunson

graph layout using graphviz / dot2tex optional package


Anne Schilling, FrancoSaliola, NicolasThiéry

Quickref card for sage.combinat

JasonBandlow, FrancoSaliola, NicolasThiéry

Refactoring of symmetric functions

JasonBandlow, CoryBrunson

Improve Nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials

Setup the framework for multivariate polynomials with several bases

See: combinat/MultivariatePolynomials

People: AlainLascoux

Module for generate integer list up to the action of a permutation group


Implement simplify_factorial in Sage

People: Flavia Stan, Burcin Erocal

Design discussions


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