Ahmed Fasih Aldebran


I'm getting my PhD in electrical engineering at Ohio State University.

My academic research interests are in statistical signal processing and reconstruction, applied mathematics, and scientific computing. My personal research interests include my academic ones but also molecular evolutionary biology, Pyrrhonian skepticism and decision-making under natural uncertainty, business and management, and ancient literature.

Although I strongly dislike Matlab for writing complex archival-quality software, it's good for prototyping, and I use it almost as much as Sage in my daily research. Unlike Matlab, Sage and Python make writing high-quality, extensible, self-aware, and parallelizable code easy. As of now, beyond minor technical support (mainly in helping fellow Matlab refugees adjust to their new lives), I have not contributed to the Sage project. I state this fact to spur me (via shame) into adding to the codebase.

Email: <fasih.1 AT SPAMFREE osu DOT edu>

Sage stand-alone GUI versus web-based Notebook

Here's a conversation that news of Google Chrome OS triggered, where William Stein outlines his reasons for strongly preferring developing a web-based interface for Sage, rather than stand-alone graphical interfaces.

(2009-07-08, after 1030 EST.)


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