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= IML =

== Description ==

IML is a free library of C source code which implements algorithms for computing exact solutions to dense systems of linear equations over the integers. IML is designed to be used with the ATLAS/BLAS library and GMP bignum library.

Website http://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~z4chen/iml.html

== License ==


== SPKG Maintainers ==
 * William Stein
 * Martin Albrecht
 * Michael Abshoff

== Upstream Contact ==

Provide information for upstream contact.

== Dependencies ==
 * GMP

== Special Update/Build Instructions ==

The following build instructions by William Stein might be incomplete and/or out of date:

 * I had to put the built version of src/repl in that directory, since on OS X it won't build. It's basically empty, so this seems safe.
 * I had to src/config/install-sh executable.
 * I had to create src/cblas.h since on many systems it isn't installed anywhere!? I just used gsl_cblas.h for this purpose, which seems to work fine.
 * Modified some of the examples, and made build scripts that work.
 * '''IMPORTANT''': Change lift to iml_lift in padiclift.* and nonsingsolve.*, since otherwise on OSX you'll have horrible weird conflict problems.

== Changelog ==

Provide a changelog of the spkg here.

=== iml-1.0.1.p11 (Michael Abshoff, May 18th, 2008) ===
 * add 64 bit OSX build support

=== iml-1.0.1.p10 (Michael Abshoff, April 1st, 2008) ===
 * Update SPKG.txt
 * Tim Abbott: Update iml with Debian's gfortran transition. (#2758)

=== iml-1.0.1.p9 (Tim Abbott, February 7th, 2008) ===
 * Add Debian build support.

=== iml-1.0.1.p7 (Michael Abshoff, December 23rd, 2007) ===
 * apply memleak patch in nullspace.c (which has been send to the IML autors)
 * add .hgignore

=== William Stein (2007-02-14) ===
 * initial version