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 * (IftikharBurhanuddin) Make the SuperSingularModule code run faster (http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/burhanud/SSMod/ssmod.py.txt)

SAGE Days 2 Wiki: Coding Sprints

[:days2: SAGE Days 2]

Put ideas for coding sprints here. The [http://modular.math.washington.edu/sage/roadmap/current/ SAGE roadmap] is very relevant.

  • (MartinAlbrecht) Matrices: Decide about inclusion of LinBox and either include it or port the needed changes to ["Givaro"] (see Finite field elements). Then either fix LinBox where needed (e.g., gauss) or implement needed algorithms. (Maybe also wrap/implement ["M4RI"]).

  • (MartinAlbrecht) Finite field elements: Finish the transition from ["Pari"] to ["Givaro"] for small \#F \le 2^{16} fields, wrap some more ["Givaro"] (& ["Linbox"] ?) classes. Wrap ["NTL"] for larger extension fields.

  • (MartinAlbrecht) SAGE/Wiki/Web integration. Needs design decisions.

  • (MartinAlbrecht) Pyrex code inspection would be very nice.

  • (MartinAlbrecht) Devote some time to ["Annoying Bugs"] and ["Bugs"] See also the new trac server (http://sage.math.washington.edu/trac).

  • (KiranKedlaya) Internalize more GAP functionality into SAGE's own group classes, much as has already been done with PARI (for number fields) and Singular (for polynomials).

  • (IftikharBurhanuddin) Benchmark components of Sage with respect to other CAS.

    • - padic, finite field (poly ring) arithmetic, for example factoring polynomials, root finding, etc. The misc/benchmark.py file is very relevant.
  • (TomBoothby) Notebook usability. Making tricky elements work better across target browsers.

  • (DavidHarvey) Move more arithmetic classes into Pyrex.

  • (DavidHarvey) Study how to make Pyrex code faster.

  • (DavidHarvey) Write a basic pAdicInteger class.

  • (IftikharBurhanuddin) Cleanup asymptotically fast elliptic curve rational torsion computation code

  • (IftikharBurhanuddin) Make the SuperSingularModule code run faster (http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/burhanud/SSMod/ssmod.py.txt)

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