Sage Days 46: Hawaii -- computational number theory, etc. -- PROJECTS

2013-02-26: your missions

p-adic Heights

People: William Stein, Jennifer Balakrishsnan, Mirela Ciperiani

Modular Degrees at non-minimal levels

People: William Stein, Simon Spicer, Aly Deines

Trac ticket: 14189


People: David Roe

Trac Ticket: 12555

People: Ling Long, Alyson Deines

Also, some stuff related to truncated hypergeometric series.

Single Cell Server

People: Jason Grout, William Stein

Salvus: Worksheet Views

People: William Stein, Jason Grout

Sage.math cluster

People: William Stein, Keith Clawsen, Volker Braun, Jason Grout

The Patch Referee Award

People: William Stein, Keith Clawson

Salvus UI Testing and Design

People: William Stein

No significant thought has gone into the user interface of Salvus -- it's been all about implementing functionality, with basically no thought about where buttons are located, whether or not there are menus, how things are named, colored, and laid out, etc. For this project, you would simply try out salvus -- there are NO INSTRUCTIONS YET -- and sketch on paper how you think the user interface could be better laid out. Salvus mainly uses, so keep the widgets, colors, etc., available there in mind. This requires only a web browser, paper, and pencil.

Note: Basically all development has so far been done Google Chrome under Linux.

Salvus: New Implementations of things that are in Sagenb

People: William Stein, Jason Grout


Computing Jacobi theta series

People: Victoria de Quehen

Rescue old number theory tickets

People: David Roe

Factoring Cryptographic Size Numbers in Sage

People: Kartik

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