Session Schedule: MAA PREP Workshop

Summer 2011

Each day is a total of four hours online, broken into two 2-hour sessions. Please get set up in Elluminate a few minutes before the start time, paying special attention to the guidelines (especially about your session name and headphones). We will post links to recordings of each session to the course email list shortly after the conclusion of the session.

Homework and Office Hours are listed after all the sessions.

Tuesday, May 24

Our goal on the first day is to get everybody comfortable enough in the notebook interface that they can begin to productively explore their own interests in Sage independently. So we will concentrate on basic use and the various ways to get help and learn more.

Questions are encouraged! With that in mind, note that we have ample time for addressing questions that come up during the presentations. You should feel free to message in Elluminate anything that comes to mind, and we'll be sure to address as many as possible during the actual session.

Session I - Getting Started

Session II - Sage Community

Tuesday, June 7

Our goal on the second day of sessions is to start deepening your knowledge of Sage, and to give opportunities to share ideas about technology and how to use worksheets which you have.

Session I - Calculus

Session II - Plotting, Demos, and Programming

Tuesday, June 14

Our goal on the third day of sessions is to give more depth to how to use Sage in various areas one might teach. We also aim to continue giving more depth in areas like plotting and basic programming.

Session I - Getting In-Depth, Part 1

Session II - Getting In-Depth, Part 2

Tuesday, June 21

Our goal on the last day of sessions is to consolidate our gains, give lots of opportunity to share your work, and address some final issues like setting up a server. We'll also have an opportunity for addressing things not already discussed.

Session I - Useful Advanced Issues

Session II - Participants Participate

Office Hours

Please connect as usual in Elluminate, and give the organizer a minute or two to recognize you if there is nobody else around, or they are busy with someone else. ("Raising your hand" should provide an audible alert on the organizer's end.) See the guide for information on sharing your worksheet out via Elluminate. This might be a useful way for us to help you with problems.

And of course feel free to ask any questions on the MAA list for the workshop, or support question on [email protected]


Time (PDT)

Time (EDT)


Monday, 30 May



Jason Grout

Thursday, 02 June



Jason Grout


Time (PDT)

Time (EDT)


Thursday, 09 June

12-1 PM

3-4 PM

Karl-Dieter Crisman

Friday, 10 June

8-9 AM

11-12 AM

Karl-Dieter Crisman

Wednesday, 15 June

8:30-9:30 AM

11:30-12:30 PM

Jason Grout

Friday, 17 June

1-2 PM

4-5 PM

Karl-Dieter Crisman


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