Jobs involving SageMath

List below, in reverse chronological order, future, present and past jobs or job offers involving SageMath.

See also LinkedIn pages mentioning SageMath.

Open offers

2018: Sage coding job on combinatorial Hopf algebras, ~3 months, at Hong Kong Baptist University, flexible start date any time in 2018. [ Job offer as pdf ]

2017: Cyber Security: How to Become a Cryptographer?

Current projects and past offers

2018-02: Research Software Engineer position at Université Paris-Sud, interviews took place in March 2018.

2016: "SageMath, Inc." team expanded. Several people are working full time on CoCalc.

2015-06: Job offers at OpenDreamKit. Led to employing Erik Bray and Jeroen Demeyer.

2014-10: ACTIS: Algebraic Coding Theory. Runs from 10/2014 to 10/2016. Employs David Lucas as full-time developer.

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